About T.H.C.

The Happy Caregiver

This website was started by a question, what can we do to help each other? The answer: A website made by a patient to help patients, caregivers, and cultivators at the same time. My hope is that patients can find their medicine at affordable prices. That caregivers and cultivators connect with patients,  share knowledge, develop breeding programs, and design Missouri-specific strains. This is a community designed to create lasting relationships.

A passion for helping people

My name is Jeff Kreynest, but everyone calls me Red. I am a combat veteran and a mmj patient. Cannabis has been part of my life since the mid-seventies. I believe that cannabis is plant with many healing properties and should be avaible to everyone who needs it.

In my lifetime I never expected for Missouri to pass any kind of mmj program. When it did, I couldn’t believe and was so excited for the program to start. I started an Instagram page to review the dispensaries and their products. I wanted to be able to help people navigate all changes that were coming. When they opened, I was first in line, traveling to various parts of the state to visit them as they were opening. I helped promote them and sung their praises. My biggest concern was pricing, as prices were high out the gate.

A solution for high pricing

Prices really haven’t dropped and some new dispensaries are even higher than existing ones. I found myself having to ration my medicine because of the costs. I couldn’t keep up with the costs. I thought to myself there has to be a better way. Then I stumbled into a solution to my problem, caregiver/cultivators.

I was able to find my medicine at prices I could afford. I no longer had to ration my medicine. The same medicine as the dispensaries, flower, concentrates, vape carts, and edibles, but at much lower prices. I believe that this is a viable option for Missouri mmj patients, and hope you find it the same.

A website designed for you

This website was created with caregiver/cultivators in mind. It acts as your own website for you. You can blog about strains, growing techniques, post pictures and videos. You will be able to do more in depth content than on social media.

The website makes it easier to find fellow caregiver/cultivators. Making it easier to start breeding programs with other caregiver/cultivators. The website also makes it easier for patients to find you. This is helpful when you are a new caregiver/cultivator.

Connect with local Caregivers & Cultivators

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