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Good Cannabis.
Good Vibes.

At The Happy Caregiver we believe in the healing power of cannabis. We are a community where patients can find caregivers/cultivators and procure medicine at an affordable rate.

Local, quality cannabis

You can find local, quality medicinal cannabis products at lower costs then at a dispensary. You get to know who is making your medicine for you. Become part of a community, that has patients interests at heart.

Cannabis cultivator with grow lights

Find and connect with local Caregivers & Cultivators

We are organized by counties. Chances are there is someone nearby to help with your medicinal needs. We will be adding more caregivers/cultivators as the site grows to try and cover the whole state.

Know that you are getting the best

If you are new to using caregiver/cultivators, you will find that they strive to put out the highest quality product. Patients helping patients to achieve a better quality of life.

Cannabis plant buds

Connect with local Caregivers & Cultivators

Browse our directory of Caregivers and Cultivators waiting to help you! Learn about new products and great deals on local, high-quality cannabis products.